Monday, October 4, 2010

No, I will not introduce you to my non-brother, Max.

Poor BYU football. They are not doing so hot this year. Wasn't so bad back in the day when my brother was QB...

But then again, I never had a brother that was QB and I never even had a brother named Max.

Unfortunately for me, he DOES have a sister named Sarah Hall, and at times people would try to get to him through me by adding me as a friend on Facebook.

The saddest was last year when I moved into a new BYU ward the SAME week that Sarah Hall (the real sister) moved into the same ward. Of course everybody had heard that Max's sister Sarah Hall was coming and they were all pretty excited about it.

So I became instantly immensely popular (and then instantly immensely unpopular as if I had wittingly deceived people by not introducing myself as 'Sarah Hall not Max's sister' my first week in the ward). Apparently, I was the only one not in on the rumor that Max's sister Sarah Hall was moving in.

But I suppose it is flattering, that as a 5'2" less-than-100-pound gal, people would think I'm cool enough and tough enough to be related to a strong and handsome famous QB.

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