Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Brag Time

Last month I worked really hard on developing an idea after an RFP from a private corporation was posted. Then I spent about three weeks writing a meticulous grant proposal, which was submitted through one of the four nonprofit organizations I work for. My co-worker presented the idea to the board and they agreed to go for it. After figuring out the scope and everything that would be needed for the first three years of the project, I did some preliminary budgeting and made an ask for $2 million over a period of three years (which is a LOT in general, but especially for a two-employee organization). That was kind of ridiculous, knowing that the most I've ever been granted from a proposal I've written in the past is $2,000. But, reach for the stars and you might hit the moon, right?

The email response from the company said it was the most well-written proposal, had the best programming ideas, and "blew [them] away!" I was so happy!

Today I got the news that we're definitely getting $300,000 the first year (more than the $250,000 I requested for the first year). If things go well after the first year, more will likely come!

I don't know if the board would appreciate me going public with the idea yet, so I won't. But I am so excited! I love it when a feeling of accomplishment comes into my life. Especially at a time when I don't have a full-time job and I work primarily from home (which sometimes makes me feel like a slob, even though I AM working).

Thank you private sector! Work that CSR! I'll never make a snide remark toward MBAs again! ;-)

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