Monday, October 4, 2010

Dating Faux Pas

I graduated with my masters two and a half years ago. Apparently, I look like I just graduated from High School.

Yesterday I was asked out by a freshman in college.

It all happened when I scheduled and manned a booth at the BYU Career Fair to try to recruit more volunteers for the Suicide Prevention Hotline. There were about 12 interested students, one of whom I remember being a freshman and not having served a mission yet. I collected all the potential volunteer's email addresses and sent them an email about the training schedule.

The freshman volunteer responded with an email asking if I'd like to go on a date with him sometime soon. Unfortunately, there is no non-awkward way of telling a freshman boy who asks you out that you're 27 years old. So, fully expecting him to be embarrassed, or to have a good laugh with his roommates over asking out an 'old' girl, I wrote:

"Not to make things awkward, but I should probably let you know that I'm older than I look - I'm 27. Just in case that changes anything for you."

I was pretty surprised at his response:

"I should probably let you know that I am younger than I look – I’m 18. Anyways, yes, I’d like to do a date... age difference never occurred to me as a reason not to."

Well, I was expecting to throw him for a loop, but he certainly succeeding in turning the tables!!!

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Emily said...

haha awesome. i wanna hear how that goes. i miss being roomies!