Monday, August 9, 2010

Back from Mexico!

I've been working part-time as the expedition coordinator for A Child's Hope Foundation since February. I just returned from my second trip to Mexico. There were over 30 volunteers this time around and I was a little worried about logistics and planning as well as how well the participants would mesh.

Everything was perfect. We had four meeting locations and everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there. There were more than 10 teenagers in the group and they were all nice and non-exclusive. The three older singles as well as the older married people got along really well too.

We were able to finish building the cinder block wall around Buena Vida orphanage, finish plastering and painting a building at Buena Vida, and landscape and paint a mural at Door of Faith. I was the concrete crew head again.

We made a $300 donation to Casa de Paz as well as playing with and doing crafts with the kids in the evening. I got my fingernails done by one of the orphans. I'm sure it's been more than 10 years since they've been painted. The Buena Vida kids are my favorites. Faviola is my girl. She recognized me from last time and wouldn't leave my side whenever I worked there. She helped me fill the holes in the wall we built with plaster, and then made me a concrete heart out of the extra material.

We had a great time rocking out in our two 15-passenger vans as well. My boss, Kent, is an awesome driver-dancer.

One of the volunteers there was a friend from elementary school that I hadn't seen for six years. It was really fun to chill with him and reminisce. He's probably the person I've known the longest but still stay in touch with of all my friends. He is about 6'6" and does a mean MJ Thriller dance.

My only worry was Tagalong, the stray dog that adopted us. He followed us around all day, even while we were mixing concrete, landscaping, plastering, and painting. He stood guard outside our door all night and was there when we woke up in the morning. The last night and morning he was nowhere to be found, which was very unusual. I am still worried about him.

Everyone is excited to come back, so I think it was a success!

I am planning one for LDS singles over 25 for 2011, either spring break or summer.

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