Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motivational DNA

For some reason, subjects such as psychology and organizational behavior fascinate me. I am forever administering personality tests like Myers-Briggs, Color Code, and Five Love Languages to any family or friends that are willing participants.

I don't think the tests are perfect. For one thing, they are based off perceptions of self and certain moods of the day and therefore may not be rooted in reality. I had a teacher who was certain she was "Red" (desiring power and ambition) when I perceived her as "Blue" (emotionally driven and caring of others).

These tests put people in personality boxes when the the person may not be strongly leaning toward that particular attribute (for example I am 50/50 on Thinking vs. Feeling in Myer-Briggs).

Still, I find these tests extremely helpful when considering relationship dynamics. When I understand another person's value system and what motivates or de-motivates them, and they understand mine, the probability that we will perceive each other as "uptight," "directionless," or "judgmental" drastically decreases. I learn how to interact with and understand how another personality type needs to communicate, be validated, or receive love.

I still find INTJ's fascinating, yet very frustrating. :-)

Here's a link to Myers-Briggs. Let me know what you are or if you want me to guess what you are. :-)

I was categorized as ENFJ which is fairly accurate, but not perfect since I have a lot of T in me as well. You can see a description here or here or here.


Shallee said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) It was good to hear from you.

I use Meyers-Briggs all the time in my writing, actually! And the other tests, but mostly that one. They really are fascinating.

Sundy said...

Same, Sarah. I've been distributing such tests my whole life, too. I'm actually somewhat excited for a tests and assessments class in the Spring that will introduce me to more "empirical" based personality and relationship tests. If I can make heads or tails, I'll pass on the info :)

ENFJ, really split with sensing/intuition. . .

Sarah said...

No problem Shallee - I love your blogs.

Sundy, we are the same personality type! Maybe that's why we both love administering personality tests to figure other people out!

Except that I am 50/50 with thinking and feeling, so I'm split between a "Giver" and an "Executive," which is kind of a weird combination if you ask me. Whereas, you are a pure giver. :-)