Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Awesome Dream

Last night I had a dream that I went to work as an intern at a Sea World type place in Hawaii. Probably because that is what my friend JJ is currently doing.

I remember that I was assigned to the Killer Whale section. The only real recollection I have is holding on to the side of the whale's tail with one arm and flying parallel a few feet above the water's surface for minutes at a time.

I also remember that I was working with a bunch of middle-aged men at the park and that they were all constantly eating and teased me because I didn't eat much. I also remember that the guy assigned to the penguins was bitter -- "My life is all just quack quack quack all the time."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Too Much Leverage

I was chilling in some foreign country with my French friend Edith. There were about seven of us from different countries sharing a hotel room. The countries weren't getting along so well and things were pretty tense. In this hotel room, we shared a bathroom. All seven of us had different colors of lufas hanging in the shower. As a sign of good will, we decided to throw our multicolored lufas out the window and we'd all use hotel bar soap to show that we are all the same and no color lufa is superior to any other color of lufa.

We were at the top of a very tall skyscraper, and it was in some European type area where there were different levels of roofs. After we threw our lufas, I noticed that some traitor had gotten into my suitcase and thrown a few of my shirts out the window as well as their lufa. My shirts landed a few roofs over. There were some people having a picnic on that roof, but they wouldn't throw it back to my because I was speaking English.

Edith and I decided to retrieve the shirts ourselves. We jumped onto the first roof. It was a skyscraper made of bamboo. We went straight through the roof and down into an empty classroom. Then we went straight through the classroom floor. I remember thinking, "I wonder how much this is going to cost to repair" and "where are the kids going to go to school now" and "My mom is going to kill me" as I was falling.

Down down down we fell until we went through the skyroof of a van. In this van was a mother and three kids. The mother was happy because they were on their way to "do corruption" and they could use some Americans as translators and bait (should the police arrive). The kids were normal but the mom was crazy.

We went to some bar with a bunch of people playing pool. The mom made us hold the bag, which contained five stolen crowns of past royalty with precious stones in them. She had us deliver the crowns to the people in the room (all women). They were all happy and started dancing around while wearing them. Then Edith and I collected the payment. She thought that if the police came, since we were holding the payment, we'd be the only ones arrested. While I was holding the cash from the stolen goods, the mom was so happy that she came and linked arms with me and we started chatting. I tried to find things in common so that we'd be friends so she wouldn't kill us. I found out we had both been folk dancers.

The only way into and out of the van was a special key. Somehow, Edith snagged the key from the mom and tossed it to one of the children without the mom finding out. While we were collecting the cash, the kids snuck off and got into the van. They they drove the van into the bar with the side door open. Edith jumped in. I thought I should probably jump in, but I felt bad betraying the mom now that I knew we were both folk dancers. Edith grabbed me and pulled me in.

We drove until our passage was blocked by a train. We had to sit and wait for it to pass. Meanwhile, the mom and all the women at the bar were catching up with us. The train suddenly stops, and Sophie from Leverage jumps out of one of the boxcars, helps me, Edith, and the kids in, and then we were on our way to our escape via the train.

And that, my friends, is what happens when you watch two seasons of Leverage in a two-week period. (This was my dream last night, just in case you were still wondering). I don't think I have ever in my life had a lufa be part of my dream, though.