Saturday, April 3, 2010


Disaster. I was sometimes called by that name growing up, and things didn't change once I hit college and beyond. I have a gift for attracting minor catastrophes.


-I had to wear an eye patch in fifth grade because a girl was playing with a stick and accidentally swung it into my eye.

-During my Junior year of high school, I was on a trip with 400 plus other people. Every single one of us were swimming in the ocean, and I was the only one stung by a Portuguese Man-of-War.

-During my Sophomore year at BYU, within the course of two days, I twisted my ankle while playing frisbee, was bitten by a poisonous spider and my arm swelled up to twice it's normal size, and was hit by a car who ran a red light while I was driving to a Greyhound bus station. The car was totaled. I still took the Greyhound to California to visit my grandpa, who I had only met a few times before. I arrived with a huge arm, black nose, and limp.

-Also sophomore year at BYU: My appendix burst while on a date, then the doctor tripped over the bed and fell on it after the operation.

-Junior year at BYU: I broke my finger while poking my brother.

-During my mission in Botswana, I was hit by a semi who ran a red light.

-Last summer in Havasupai, a rock fell on my toe, breaking it. The first doctor diagnosed it as gout.

-I was bitten by a crazy monkey in Ghana last summer. TWO hamburgers of mine were also stolen by monkeys in Botswana (no one else in the group of 12 experienced attempted burger robberies... and I was sitting at the table with my hamburger six inches away me!!!) Someone also let a monkey in my truck without telling me while I was away. It called someone on my cell phone.

-I currently cannot straighten my arm due to a fall while skiing.

My doctor in Iowa used to laugh every time she saw me at the office.


Lucy said...

Wasn't there also an incident involving the garage door and a broken finger?

Sarah said...
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Britt said...

HAHAHA! Sarah, this SO sounds like you! I'm excited for you to have kids. Doesn't it just exponentiate? That's what I always thought. haha...