Sunday, April 18, 2010


My birthday was exactly two weeks ago. I turned 27. It seemed like a good age to me, until:

Incident #1 - On a first date driving to the activity.

Boy: So you're in school?
Me: No.
Boy: Did you go to college?
Me: Yep. Graduated.
Boy: Seriously? How long ago?
Me: Two years ago.

(Pause. Boy looks confused.)

Me (for the sake of full disclosure): With a masters.
Boy: NO WAY!!! How old are you??? 24?
Me: Older.
Boy: 25?
Me: Older.
Boy: 26?!?
Me: Older.
Boy: 27?!?!?!
Me: Ding ding!
Boy: Oh well. (Look of resignation). At least you didn't say 30. I would have taken you home right now.

Incident #2 - At a party.

Boy: How old do you think I am?
Me: I don't know. Maybe 27?
Boy: What?!?! I can't believe you said that. Was it the forehead wrinkles? 27? I'm not old and creepy!

(Insert about one additional minute of "I can't believe you thought I was the ridiculous age of 27" rant).

Me: Well, how old do you think I am?
Boy: You went on a mission, so I guess... 22?
Me: 27.
Boy (turning pale): Oh...

Incident #3 - At the temple.

Temple Worker: Where's your husband, honey?
Me: Actually... I'm not married.
Temple Worker: Well, you couldn't have served a mission.
Me: Actually... I did.
Temple Worker: How long have you been home?
Me: A little over four years.


Temple Worker: You look like you're 14.

And just to illustrate the point, here is me on my 27th.


Britt said...

BA HA HA! I love it!! And I'm glad I got to be there when you blew out the candles. :)

Emily said...

You are so cute! And Shark and I agree you do NOT look like you're 14. But you know how, the older you get, the younger young people look? You know, like, to me, today's high schoolers look like they're about 12. So maybe that's what that temple worker was thinking? Your stories are way funny. Boys can be really dumb sometimes.