Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right Arm... broken

Okay, it's not really broken. I just tore a ligament skiing last week Wednesday. I came around a bend of trees to see two guys cutting across the mountain from the other side. I swerved to avoid the first one, which set a direct collision course for the second one. Before either of us could move, our paths crossed and we nicked skis at high velocity.

I bounced on my outstretched right arm and sprained my elbow, then flipped onto my face. I slid face-first down the mountain for a few seconds, then rolled onto my left shoulder and neck, because flying down a sheet of ice on your face is not the most comfortable feeling in the world, although it provides for excellent cosmetic exfoliation once the scrapes stop bleeding. I finally somehow got myself oriented so my feet were pointing down the mountain, and stopped myself. My poles were at least 50 feet up the mountain at this point. I should have yelled "As you wish!" but didn't think about it at the time.

When I got to the bottom, I saw that it was two minutes until 9pm and the lifts close at 9. So I hopped back on the lift for another run. I ended up going down with my poles in the left hand and my right arm tucked against my stomach. That was not one of my brighter moments, but I am happy to report that it was free of incident.

It has been kind of fun doing everything with my left arm. I never knew I could drive, cook, and put on makeup left-handed! The only things I've really had trouble with are doing my hair and putting on a coat/long-sleeved shirt.

Oh, and I'm mad that I can't play frisbee or go biking now that the weather's warm. Grr!

And, my face is still peeling.

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