Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nothing is Too Wonderful to be True

My roommate and I went on a date to P.F. Chang's not too long ago. Just the two of us.

Our waiter was a manager. I had a gift certificate for $20. My roommate and I each ordered our entree. He brought us an appetizer. We looked at each other, confused. "Oh, we didn't order that," I said. He said, "I know."

Then he brought me a delicious strawberry lemonade and my roommate an Italian cream soda. My roommate and I shot each other looks of disbelief. When we finished drinking them, he brought us a root beer float. By now I was pretty much incredulous. Then he brought us our entrees. About halfway through, we were both really full from the drinks, appetizer, and main course. But we kept eating.

When we were finished, he brought us a bowl of coconut ice cream (how did he know P.F. Chang's coconut ice cream is one of my favorite desserts!) He threw about 20 fortune cookies on the table and told us to mash them into the ice cream. I was in ice cream heaven. We were so full after eating that we ended up walking around the mall for about an hour just to feel normal again.

The grand total after the $20 gift certificate for both of us combined? $1.25. I left a pretty good tip, though.

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