Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

List of Favorites from 2009:

While these are not necessarily my favorites of all time, they are all NEW discoveries from 2009.

Favorite Movie: The Willow Tree (Majid Majidi)

Favorite Movies Released in 2009: UP, The Blind Side, Invictus

Favorite Book: Three Cups of Tea

Favorite City Visited for the First Time: Boston

Favorite Location Visited for the First Time: Havasupai

Favorite TV Show: Planet Earth

Favorite New Hobbies: Photography and Family History

Favorite Band: Nickel Creek

Favorite Songs Discovered in 2009: Dream Like New York by Tyrone Wells, Counting Crows' Big Yellow Taxi, Nickel Creek's The Hand Song, Green by Brendan James

Favorite Musical Seen in 2009: Children of Eden (favorite song - Lost in the Wilderness

Favorite Foods: Fried banana and coconut ice cream from PF Chang's, oatmeal with apple walnuts and syrup on top, lentil tacos, chicken cilantro lime soup, McKay's mom's moist chocolate cake with raspberry sauce, the Love Potion frappachino from that new Cocoa Bean place in Brigham Square.

Favorite New Games: Scrabble Slam, Settlers of Catan (actually played for the first time New Year's Eve 2008... does that exclude it from the list?)

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