Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goals 2010

I've been looking back on past goals. Here are some that have actually worked.

Some goals from 2007 accomplished in 2008:
-Get scuba certified
-Get an Master of Public Administration
-Go to the temple at least twice a month
-Go to Asia
-Go to Europe
-Start learning guitar
-Run a marathon
-Spend a summer back in Africa on a humanitarian project
-Save at least 10% of income
-Exercise at least three times a week
-Make a flower garden

Goals from 2008 accomplished in 2009:
-Go back to Africa at least twice
-Pay off all student loans
-Save at least 10% of income
-Track finances online
-Be the ward choir director (yes, it was a goal) :-)
-Have a successful Empower Playgrounds Documentary Premiere

Some goals for 2010:
-Learn cabaret
-Take a Rape Aggression Defense class
-Get accepted to a PhD program
-Go to India and/or Jerusalem
-Eat veggies every day
-Practice the piano at least once a week
-Practice the guitar at least three times a week
-Submit short stories for publication and attend a writing conference
-Learn Photoshop
-Read at least one book per month
-Scripture study in the morning

Goals that I have struggled the most with:

I find the ones that seem big (get SCUBA certified, go to Europe, run a marathon, pay off $11,000 worth of loans) are a lot easier for me than the ones that require small, consistent effort (eating veggies every day, studying scriptures in the morning, etc). I think it is a lot easier for me to do something new and fun than to do something that requires a routine schedule.

So, I think my main goal will be to add some structure to my life by making these small things routine.

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Sundy said...

You are one ambitious woman. I'm happy to know you.