Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello? I am Tony...

The other day I got a phone message that started like this: "Hello Sarah Hall? Hello? Sarah Hall? I am Tony..." Since then I've had about ten phone calls that start the same way.

Tony is cool. He is my friend from South Korea that I met in South Africa, who, after a two-year stint in Canada moved to Texas to open up an Italian restaurant using a Mexican chef. He's fed up with the Mexican... the customers complain the Italian food is too spicy... so he's about to hire an Albanian to replace him.

He came over for dinner the other day and was quite hilarious. It was, however, embarrassing the way he put me on a pedestal. He said he had been wanting to get in contact with me a few months ago and prayed, and then I answered his prayer by sending him an email. I wasn't sure how to react to his constant praise, or how to let him know that I am far from perfect, but I felt a little guilty for not staying in touch with him better. He brought over a whole bag of presents - mostly Christian books and CDs. He bowed to everyone in my family before leaving. Very fun, entertaining, and great guy.

It made me want to go back to South Africa and reconnect with everyone. Anyone up for a little World Cup action?

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