Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who's Yo Daddy?

Not the rugby playing dude from New Zealand. That's all I know.

The story. I had been emailing my "dad" for about two weeks. Mostly pouring out my soul about the end of a recent relationship. He emailed back and gave me all kinds of advice. Uncharacteristically, he used words such as, "chill" and phrases like, "feel the positive vibes flowing towards you through space."

I thought, okay, he's trying to be hip and connect with me. "A" for effort.

About a month later it became VERY CLEAR something was VERY WRONG about our relationship. Our G-chat went something like this:

Me: Shouldn't you be at Priesthood session?

Dad: AHHHHHH!!!! New Zealand lost the Rugby World Cup!

Me: Didn't know you were so into that type of stuff :-)

Dad: Of course I am, I'm a New Zealander!

Me: Huh?

Dad: Yep. Didn't you know?

Me: I thought you were my dad!

"Dad": I know. Sorry about that. Thought you would have realized sooner.

Me: How long has this been going on?

"Dad": A few weeks. It is funny that your dad has exactly the same name as me.

"Dad": Anyway, Rugby is way cooler than American football.

Me: Yeah... rugby is pretty... cool

Me: Anyway, I'll make sure I find my dad's real email address...

"Dad": Cool. Sorry about your breakup. Feel better!

The funny part is that he would send emails back in response to emails in which I had clearly addressed him as DAD!


Josh said...

This is very disturbing. So you typed in your dad's email address, and it was really the address of some crazy, dishonest new-zealander?

Sarah said...

What happened was that I was in basic html mode because my standard view wouldn't load. I typed in what I thought was my dad's email address (his name), but I put in an extra period, which is apparently this guy's email address.

It is just weird that he kept emailing me back without actually telling me!