Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts on Slogan #4

I just googled "Slogan" to see what it would come up with. The first hit was called "Sloganizer." You type words into the box and it creates slogans for you.

I entered "electricity-generating merry-go-round" because that's what I've been marketing all year. Here are the first three it came up with.

1. "Electricity-generating merry-go-round Rules." Does that mean it's awesome or there are a lot of rules you need to abide by when you play on it?

2. "Don't mess with electricity-generating merry-go-round." I think I'll use this one on the website.

Next I decided I wanted my own personal slogan so I tried typing in my name. Here's what it came up with.

1. "Sarah Hall... whatever you want." I guess that means I'm either a pushover or chameleon.

2. "Sarah Hall Never Die." I like that one!!!

3. "Sarah Hall: To *heck* with the rest!"

4. "Don't forget your Sarah Hall."

5. "I trust Sarah Hall."

6. "Sarah Hall is Your Friend."

7. "Sarah Hall is Good for You." Wow, this is either a confidence boost or a brainwashing device.

8. "Sarah Hall: Yabba Dabba Duh!"

Next, I tried typing in my mom's name. Here are some that it came up with.

1. "Mary Hall: Be Ready."

2. "The Power of Mary Hall."

3. "Mary Hall is a Female Force."

4. "Mary Hall Keeps Going... and Going... and Going..."

5. "Mary Hall, Once you Have It, You Love It."

6. "There's Lots of Fun in Mary Hall."

7. "See you at Mary Hall." That must be a dorm building.

8. "Every Mary Hall has a Story." Is this referring to a person's life account or how tall the dorm building is?

Go ahead and Give it a try!


Gabe said...

Take what you want, but leave Gabe Proulx alone!

Enim said...

Only Enim Has The Answer!! Pure Enim.