Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts on Slogan #2

Iowa's Slogan(s)

Growing up in Iowa, our slogan was always "Iowa: You Make Me Smile." I thought it was a little cheesy, but didn't comment too much about it. After all, it is a true statement. And that smiley face on the billboard as you drive over the border was just darling.

However, in 1999, the new slogan changed to "Iowa: Fields of Opportunity." I was outraged! Fields of opportunity? We don't need to perpetuate corny (pardon the pun) Iowa jokes like that in official slogans! Iowa is so much more than just FIELDS! (Although, I admit, there are several gorgeous cornfields in Iowa).

We may as well be overt and change it to something like "Iowa: Corn capital of the world!" or use catchy rhymes such as: "Live work and play in a cornfield today!"

A slogan should highlight strengths, dispel common misconceptions, or increase appreciation of the unique. Examples below.

Celebrating our varied biomes - "Iowa: We Have Forests Too!"

Celebrating strengths - "Iowa: Our Schools are Better than Yours!"

Dispelling misconceptions: "Iowa: It's not as flat as you think!" or "I-O-W-A does not stand for Idiots Out Walking Around."

Advertising uniqueness - "Iowa: Highest radon concentration in the US!" or "Iowa: Breeder of future space captains!" or "Iowa: All Presidential Candidates Must Endorse Ethanol or they Won't Make it Past the First Caucus."

We could always rip off Field of Dreams and go with "Is this heaven? No, it's IOWA!"

Or a phrase from the music man. "Iowa: We say it, but we don't like anybody else to" or "Iowa: We are so stubborn we can stand touching noses for a week at a time and never see eye-to-eye."

Or, we could modify Paradise, California’s slogan to “Iowa: All it’s name implies.”

That's all I've got. Any other ideas?

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Dianey Face said...

I don't have other ideas, but when I read: "Live work and play in a cornfield today!", it was as if I heard your cute voice in a somewhat sarcastic tone. Maybe you were being serious. But it was cute, nonetheless.

I miss you, Sarah Hall. Why are you never at apt. 304 when I go there?