Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts on Slogan #1

Slogan #1 - BYU: The World is Our Campus

One of my majors as an undergrad was international development. Until the program was cut. During my Swahili 201 class, we were discussing the calamity, and I sadly commented, "well, the world was our campus."

The others three students in the class clapped their hands and told me I was a genius, a reaction I was not expecting. Their respect for me seemed to skyrocket, as they had always considered me a little too preppy and straight laced. I like them a lot and they were my friends, but let me describe them a little to give you a clearer picture. The other two girls in the class had short, spiked hair and looked slightly intimidating. The boy was tall and skinny with long blonde hair. He wore tight pants and wouldn't tell us his real name, preferring to go by his Swahili name: Walialu (Wall-Lee-Ah-Lu). All wore ripped up jeans and denounced money in general, and anything that could be purchased with the filthy lucre. One of the girls even said if a boy ever bought her a diamond ring, she would end things forever and there would be no forgiveness.

The next time the class met they bragged about how they had sneaked out at night and scratched out the word "is," changing it to "was" on a BYU sign somewhere. I somehow felt guilty, as if I had contributed to the willful and malicious violation of public property. The lesson: Don't provide clever slogans to vandals, even if they are your friends.

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