Friday, July 10, 2009

Not My Strongest Suit

I have been job hunting. Which means, I've been suit hunting. Unfortunately, I am 5'3" and only slightly under 100 lbs. Even shopping for normal pants, I usually have three options: super baggy pants from the adult section that I have to bunch up with a belt, old lady super high waisted and high water pants from the extra petite section, or pants that fit but are funkily designed, pre-faded and/or have sequined bums from the junior's section.

Suits are even more difficult. I have very narrow shoulders, and as a small blonde woman who could pass as a 19-year old, I don't want to minimize my presence in an office even more by drowning myself in a suit. I tried the Banana Republic outlet and found some suits that fit, size Double Zero. But again, they were fairly expensive and the colors were all faded grays, which is probably why they were at the outlet. Most of the others had long tops and made me look like I had gotten cold and borrowed a man's top. I found a cute black jacket in the junior's section at the fashion mall that fit quite well and looked professional. Except for the shoulder pads, which gave me a football player wanna-be boxy appearance.

It tends to drive me crazy that women need to many types of clothes for so many different occasions. Church dresses, formal dresses, interview attire, professional attire, semi-casual attire, and don't even get me started on jewelry, shoes, nylons, hair styles, and make-up! It seems guys could wear the same suit, socks, and shoes with no accessories or hassle to all these occasions and be just fine - just take off the jacket and tie, unbutton a few buttons, and you are transformed from church/interview attire to professional or semi-casual.

I suppose I should be grateful for the amount of variety I am afforded in my life and wardrobe. And the amount of time and gas money shopping for this silly suit has sucked out of my recent life.


Gabe said...

Yes, we men are efficient!

Enim said...

Dont cut your coat according to your size, just cut it according to the material. You are a great writer..Keep it up!!