Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Judge Not that Ye Be Not Judged

I recently remembered a story my mom told about her trip with my dad to an aquarium in Chicago.

She was looking at interesting creatures when some inner-city kids came up to the same tank. One of the girls read the plaque and said, "Oh look, an an-eh-moan." My mom turned to my dad and said, "Don't they educate these children? Don't they know it's an anemone?"

A few minutes later she was looking in a different tank. She said to my dad, "Wow, what an interesting fish." She read the plaque. "A pin-eh-koh-nee fish. I've never head of that. Have you?"

The same little girl walked up, read the plaque, and said, "Look, a pinecone fish!" Yes, that is pine plus cone.

I thought it was appropriate to remind her of her first trip to California with my dad when she turned to him and asked what the orange fruit hanging from the tree was. He told her, they are oranges. She said, "But, they're ORANGE!!!" An elementary school teacher had told her oranges were only dyed to be orange.