Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird Dream Post #1

I have been having some crazy dreams recently, and I am afraid I am going to forget this one until I get it out of my head. So... here it is.

I was in law school. Our law professor was French. We only had one professor, apparently. We were a very multicultural class. About 75% of the class was black, there were several Asians, and only a few whites (myself being one of them). There were NO men in the class.

The law professor told us we were all too beautiful and smart, so she was going to humble us for our own good. She told us we had to wear these huge round animal outfits around school all day for an entire week. I had a rooster outfit with a gigantic round red belly and had to shuffle my feet when I walked. If I sat down, I had to roll around on the ground to build up enough momentum to stand again. My best friend had a turtle outfit. Another law school buddy (my sister's friend Grace from high school), had a cow outfit. I thought she was the only would who would pull off the outfit and make it look cute. She told me she felt sorry for the one that had to be 'the shoe' (referring to a shoe outfit from the story 'The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.")

It was the middle of summer and sweltering hot. I decided after a few hours on the first day that this was dumb and I was not going to wear mine anymore, so I changed into normal clothes. Every time I saw a law school friend walking around campus in their ridiculous outfit, I told them not to wear it, but they were all afraid the professor would fail us if we didn't. I remained the only one to fight back. The professor hated me for it and told me at the end of the semester I'd be out of school because she would fail me for insubordination.

She summoned us to class by blowing a whistle, after which we would do back flips combined with other gymnastics tricks from wherever we were on campus into the classroom. I refused to do this, too, even though I could. The professor kept blowing her whistle at me and ordered me to do 'three back flips followed by a broomstick' into the classroom. Apparently a broomstick was a double plie in mid-air. I finally did it just to get into class.

Then, during class, she kicked out one of the black students for failing to wear all black to commemorate Martin Luther King Day a few weeks ago. This is when I learned of a new rule--we all had to wear all black once a month every month to commemorate the holiday. This girl had forgotten and worn a white shirt that day. This girl was never allowed to come to class again.

I had enough. I stood up on my desk and scanned the audience--my law school friends still dressed up as various farm animals. I told them they didn't have to take this, we live in a free country, and said professor is not a dictator and if we all rebel together she can't kick us all out, or the administration will be on her back. I told them the administration was good, and would protect us. The professor was still in the classroom, and they all kept their eyes downcast, not responding. I grew frustrated and switched from inspirational speaking to ranting and accusing her of destroying our unalienable rights to particularly the pursuit of happiness. Still, nobody moved.

At this point, I knew my classmates were a lost cause. They were in too deep. So I went to the professor and begged and pleaded with her to be a reasonable person. I knelt and cried, but she would not listen because I was not speaking with a French accent. So I switched to a French accent (but think I accidentally mixed it with German) and told her, "Zome of us you haff kicked out. Zome of us you haff ridiculed and made to look stupid. Now you are still making us wear zilly costumes, and look at zem! Zhey are all dying outside in zee sun because of zee 'eat!"

To which she responded in an American accent, "You are right! They are dying because of eat! From now on, they will not eat anymore, ever again! Or I will fail them!"

I yelled, "Noooooooo!" and the campus police arrived and dragged me away, kicking and screaming. This is when I realized corruption penetrated the whole system, not just the law school.

And that was the end of my dream.

Now I am open to interpretations.


Gabe said...

Love it. I also love that it says #1 like there will be more to follow. Furthermore, I love you.

Josh said...

That was no mere dream: it was a prophecy! Expect to enroll in law school in the near future and to discover that the entire university is riddled with corruption and mindless subservience. Try writing a novel about it and getting some time on Good Morning America.

Sarah said...

I thought it was either:

1. A microcosm for the entire country at some point in the future (in which I will probably be arrested for protesting).

2. It was telling me to not let people step all over me, such as letting them treat me like I'm an animal (particularly a rooster?), doing back flips for people, or cleaning up the dirt they trail around (hence the broomstick?)

or 3. A sign that I should never consider going to law school again. I'm throwing away my flier from Kaplan.

Enim said...

You're so funny Sarah. Put your ideas in a book with a cheap paper back, and the world will laugh and keep copies in their homes!! The more richer you will get!