Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blogging Away

Despite having created five or so blogs, I am not a very active blogger.

This is perhaps due to the fact that I believe very few people read my blog.

Another big factor is that most of my friends are not blogging friends.

It may also be in part due to a quote I once heard that goes, "Never have so many written so much about so little."

I also thought it was a little odd that people would publish their thoughts for any random stranger to see. I guess I wanted a little more privacy.

Therefore, I generally only posted either about specific projects I was working on, or when I was really really and I mean REALLY bored.

Well, I have shifted my paradigm after finding several blogs of close friends that are fun and intellectually stimulating. I think it is kind of fun to go around snooping inside of people's heads, which is easy to do when their thoughts are published online. So I'll try to return the favor.

Long story short, I hope to post at least a little more frequently.

So stay tuned.

1 comment:

Mac said...

Well then, what's going on in that skull of yours right now? I'd love 2 know...

Maybe people try to do some snooping around, but don't seem to find much of what really really resides inside your head; so they creep out quietly without leaving a word.

The projects are good, but one wants to know what you think, what you feel... 'Who is Sarah?'

A blend of accounts/observations and the IMAGE of the identity behind those accounts does have the capacity to squeeze a few lines out of any thrifty snooper.

People get teased by your highs and lows. So when you get bored, that's when you have the power to unleash the comments drive. kudos!